A Surprise Trip to Disneyland Paris!

Christmas at Disneyland Paris

It’s safe to say that December was pretty eventful for me for a number of reasons. My birthday is on December 3rd and Matt had been telling me for weeks that he had planned to take me away.

I absolutely hate surprises, I get so anxious not having a set plan, so I begged and begged Matt to tell me where we were going. Of course, he told a fib as to not ruin the surprise, and I thought for weeks that we were going to Cornwall for my birthday (which I was still completely happy with)!

Christmas at Disneyland ParisDisneyland Paris icons

On the day of my birthday, I started opening presents and cards and received Euros, which really confused me. I then knew that he had planned for us to go somewhere a bit further than Cornwall!

Even once we had arrived at Cardiff Airport, I was still completely in the dark as to where we were going. The moment it clicked that we were going to Paris was when we checked our bags in, but I still then didn’t know exactly what we were doing in Paris. Once at Charles De Gaulle, Matt led me through the airport. As soon as I saw the Disneyland Bus signs, I knew exactly what he had planned.

We had been to Disneyland Paris once before, around four years ago and that time we also took the coach from the station. It takes around 45 minutes to get from CDG to the hotels at Disneyland.

Newport Bay Hotel, Disneyland Paris
Newport Bay Hotel, Disneyland Paris

Matt had booked the Newport Bay hotel, which was a two-minute walk from Disney village and situated in front of the big lake. The hotel is modeled on coastal mansions from the 1900s, with cape cod style decor and a nautical theme throughout. We stayed in a standard room, which had two double beds and was really spacious. The hotel has recently been renovated, so it was all looking very clean, new and in good condition.

Security was pretty tight all throughout the park and we even had to put our suitcases through scanners and get scanned by a security guard to get into the hotel. There was also airport-style scanners on the way into Disney Village, so we felt incredibly safe the whole time we were there.

Disneyland Paris

We arrived at Disneyland at around 4 pm, so checked in, dropped off our bags and went straight to the Disneyland Park. My first stop was, of course, to pick up some Minnie Mouse ears. Matt had already paid for all our food, so included in our stay were vouchers for an “Afternoon Snack” and drink, which we could pick up from a few of the cafes and shops in the park. We went to Casey’s Corner at the top of Main Street to pick up a doughnut and hot drink before exploring the park.

Disneyland Paris
Disneyland Paris

As it was December, everywhere was decorated ready for Christmas. Throughout the day were Christmas themed parades and each evening they had Mickey and Minnie turn on the Christmas lights and then a festive firework and light display just before the park closed.

Christmas at Disneyland Paris
Christmas at Disneyland Paris

After going on a few rides in the Disneyland Park, including Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast (my favourite), we walked back to our hotel to get changed for dinner.

Space mountain, Disneyland Paris
Sleeping Beauty's Castle, Disneyland Paris

As we had a full board plan, we had vouchers for each day for our meals, which we could use in most of the restaurants in our hotel and Disney Village. We were encouraged to book each evening meal ASAP, as the restaurants could get pretty busy. Breakfast was also included in this and we had a buffet continental breakfast in the Cape Cod restaurant in the hotel every morning.

For dinner that night, we went to The Steakhouse in the Disney Village. Our vouchers allowed us to have any main meal up to the cost of €40 or the set menu. We chose the 3-course set menu. I had a chicken caesar salad and the hunter chicken with a baked potato, finished with a lemon and raspberry creme brulee. All of which, were really tasty. We had to pay for drinks, as these weren’t included. A pint of beer was around €7, so it was pretty expensive.

Disneyland Paris

The next couple of days we spent exploring both the Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. We watched a couple of the parades and also the fireworks on the last night we were there. One thing I really enjoyed was watching Goofy’s Jingle Bell Band in Videopolis. We got a drink and a cake and watched the band play Christmas songs and even some Disney classics.


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Christmas at Disneyland Paris

Fireworks at Disneyland Paris

For dinner, we booked our meals all at once. Dinner on the second night was in the Cape Cod restaurant, which was situated in our hotel. This was a buffet and in the same place we had had our breakfast. It mostly consisted of fish based dishes, as well as standard things like pasta and rice and was really tasty. For lunch, we just went to the Disney village to places like McDonalds and the Earl of Sandwich, as they were quick and cheap.

On the third night, we had dinner earlier, so that we were able to watch the closing fireworks and light show in the Disneyland Park. We ended up going to Anette’s, a diner style restaurant, which specialised in American food. This place you were unable to book, but luckily at the time we went it was really quiet. Again, with the voucher, we were able to have a set menu or a main dish up to a certain amount.

The set meal at Anette’s was pretty big. It seemed like a lot of food. For my meal I had hashbrowns, followed by a HUGE salad, which I was unable to finish.

After our meal, we headed into Disneyland Park ready for the Disney Dreams night-time show.

Christmas at Disneyland Paris

The Disney Dreams show all takes place on and around Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in the centre of the Disneyland Park. Not only was there fireworks, but lasers and lights in the sky around with projections shown on the castle. As it was December, the show was all about Christmas, with Olaf from Frozen narrating. Other Disney characters were also shown and there were songs and music, making it a really magical experience.

Christmas at Disneyland Paris

After the show, we walked through Disney Village and back towards the hotel. Matt made me stop by the lake in front of the hotel as he supposedly wanted to take a photo of the lights on the lake. Much to my surprise, he pulled a ring box out of his pocket and asked if I’d marry him! I was completely in shock, but of course said yes.

The rest of the night consisted of us calling our family and telling them the big news and drinking champagne to celebrate in the Captains Quarters bar in the downstairs of the hotel.

Celebrating with champagne

The next morning, we were up bright and early at 6:30 to have our breakfast at 7:00 downstairs in the hotel. We then collected our suitcases from the room, handed in our keys and waited outside the front of the hotel for our bus to the airport. The airport buses are around every hour, you can get a timetable either online or from your hotel once you’re there.

I felt so sad to have to leave Disneyland, as I’d had such a magical time. I’m a massive Disney fan and the fact that we got engaged there makes Disneyland even more of a special place for me. I know that we will definitely be going back!

Have you ever been to Disneyland Paris?

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  • Amy

    Yay I’ve been waiting for this post! Your photos capture it amazingly and the weather looked awesome, I want to go back already. I’m so happy for you both, congratulations again <3 – Amy

    • Haha thank you! The weather was so nice, really sunny, but pretty cold. I read your Disneyland posts and they just really made me want to go back again too! xxx

  • Such an incredible surprise! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous haha. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous. So dreamy.


    • I was surprised, I’m definitely very lucky ? Aw thank you! xx