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A Winter Lush Haul – Top Picks

Lush Christmas Haul

My last blog post was all about the Lush winter blogger event and of course, whilst I was there I had to pick up a few products. I definitely bought more than I was planning, but I’m really happy with all the purchases. Keep reading to see what I bought and some great Christmas products!

Lush Winter Blogger Event Haul, Snow Fairy

Snow Fairy Shower Gel

Of course, I had to get myself some Snow Fairy shower gel. Usually my Mum will buy a bottle of this for me for Christmas, but this year, I just couldn’t wait. I love the sweet candyfloss smell of this stuff and the subtle sparkle it leaves on the skin makes me love it even more! I got the 500g bottle, which cost me £12.95.

Snow Fairy Body Conditioner

After trying this body conditioner when I visited the Lush blogger event, I knew I had to pick some of this up. You use the body conditioners in the shower after applying shower gel. Simply massage into the skin and then wash off to leave your skin baby soft. I can be slightly lazy when it comes to moisturising my body once out of the shower, so this is really useful and the fact that it’s Snow Fairy scented means that the smell will last even longer! This is a 100g pot, which cost me £7.95.

Fairy Dust Dusting Powder

Again, I had never tried any of the dusting powders before visiting the event. Megan at Lush Cardiff put some of the Mr Sandman dusting powder on my arm and I loved how it absorbed the moisture from the Sleepy Body Lotion and left me incredibly sparkly. Rather than getting Mr Sandman, I wanted the fairy dust one to go with the shower gel and body conditioner I had already picked up. This is a 70g bottle and cost me £7.50.

Lush Winter Blogger Event Haul, Bath Bombs

Star Dust Bath Bomb

I bought this purely for the fact that it smells like vanilla and is shaped like a star. I can’t wait to use this one! This cost £2.95.

Monsters’ Ball Bath Bomb

Monsters’ Ball is part of Lush’s Halloween collection. This cutie contains lime oil, cocoa butter and neroli oil, which is proven to lift spirits, especially in the winter months. I’ve already used this one and loved the different colours it created once dropped into the bath. This was £4.25.

Northern Lights Bath Bomb

The lovely purple colour of this bath bomb was what persuaded me to buy it and it did not disappoint. When dropped in the bath, streams of blue, yellow and purple appear, making the bath water look really colourful and pretty. This cost me £3.95.

Lush Winter Blogger Event Haul, Hair Oil & Lip Scrub

Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub

I’ve used the lip scrubs from Lush before but was never a fan of the flavours. This one smells really fruity because of the blackcurrant and orange oil scents, so it’s much more to my taste. This little pot cost me £5.75.

Damaged Hot Oil Treatment

The was sold out the last time I went to Lush, so I ended up buying the Tangled hot oil treatment instead. Although it took a few washes to get it out of my hair, I found it left me hair super soft and silky and in really good condition. I can’t wait to try the damaged treatment to see if it works just as well. This was £6.50 and the previous one lasted me for two washes.

So that’s everything that I bought. There’s no doubt that I’ll be back in Lush sometime before Christmas to stock up on even more stuff!

What products are you most excited about in Lush’s Christmas range?

Hey Rachieface

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  • Mel

    I’m loving the selection you have, I’ve been using that lip scrub for a few evenings and it’s a real treat

    Mel ★

    • Rachel

      Thank you, I’m really happy with everything I bought 🙂 Me too, it’s such a great product for winter! x

  • loooove everything you got in this haul! i really want to try one of their lip scrubs as winter has not been to kind to my lips

    xo Sarah
    Absolutely Sarah | Bloglovin

    • Rachel

      The lip scrubs are awesome! I always find the scents pretty sickly smelling, but this one smells amazing and I love that you can lick the sugar off once you’ve used it 🙂 x

  • Amy

    I’ve already been through a big tub of the body conditioner … Oops! I was really disappointed with the Northern Lights bath bomb though, just because the after colour was so murky. Great picks 🙂 – Amy x

    • Rachel

      Haha you’re Lush obsessed ? Yeah I wasn’t fussed on the dark murky green colour once it had stopped fizzing, but it was pretty when I dropped it in and I liked the smell 🙂 xx

  • i love your picks! the northern lights bath bomb looks so cool and i really wanna try it

    xo Sarah
    Absolutely Sarah | Bloglovin

    • Rachel

      Thanks, I’m really happy with all that I bought! The Northern Lights bath bomb was really pretty whilst fizzing away, but unfortunately left the water a strange murky colour afterwards! Smelt really good though 🙂 x