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The Bloggers Ball, London – June 2016

I’m a relatively new blogger, so haven’t been to any kind of blogger event before. When Amy (from Four Cats Plus Us) told me about the Bloggers Ball, I really wanted to go!

Early on Saturday morning, Amy and I caught the bus from Cardiff to London Victoria. After four long hours, we finally arrived in London and made our way towards Oxford Circus.

Before getting to the venue, we popped into Lush Oxford Street to pick up a few items. I ended up buying the Cherry Blossom Reusable Bubble Bar, Double Vitality Bath Oil and Lime Pastille. These don’t seem to be on the site, so I think they’re Oxford Street exclusives.

Lush Oxford Street Haul

Next we went onto the venue, which was Dstrkt, a nightclub on Rupert Street near Piccadilly Circus. The event started at 2 and we got there about five past. There wasn’t a queue and we went straight in, which was really good.

The event was organised by Scarlett London, a lifestyle blogger from, you guessed it, London. She’s been organising these kind of events for a couple of years now and it was definitely a great event to meet both other bloggers and brands.

As it was described as a ball, many people dressed up, but as I was spending the majority of my day travelling, I wore my striped Lazy Oaf dress and some flat shoes, which were comfy enough to wear on a long coach ride and to walk across London.

The main room was already really busy when we walked in and there were loads of people gathered around the brand stalls. We walked around each one in turn finding out more about the brands, while drinking wine and eating canapés.

The Bloggers Ball, London

The Bloggers Ball, London

The Bloggers Ball, London

The Bloggers Ball, London

The Brands

There were loads of brands exhibiting at the event, way too many to mention, but these are some of my favourites:

Seed and Bean
Seed and Bean is a brand I’ve actually heard of and bought before. I love their chocolate (my favourite is the cornish sea salt and lime) and it was always my go to gift for my dad, when I lived near Wholefoods in Cheltenham. Unfortunately, now I’m in Cardiff, there doesn’t seem to be anywhere that sells this, so I was really excited to see them at the event. Seed and Bean describe themselves as “Organic, fairtrade, ethical chocolate bars made by creative, sustainable and ethical chocolatiers” and at the Bloggers Ball, they were giving tasters of their new chocolate flavours. We also got a goody bag, which contained a bar of their chocolate, I got the sweet orange and thyme one, which tastes so good!

Seed and Bean at the Bloggers Ball, London

Western Digital
Western Digital is a well-known computer data storage company and I’ve owned products from this brand before. I was lucky enough to find one of their coasters with a star on, which was hidden in the venue and won a 2TB hard-drive, which is going to be so useful!
I’d never actually heard of this brand before and as soon as I saw their stall, I knew I was going to have to buy some of their products! I fell in love with the honeycomb necklace they had on display and also the rose gold arrow necklace. Such pretty pieces and at a great price too! We got to pick a random box of jewellery and I got a leaf design necklace and a wrap around ring, which are really cute and I’ve been wearing these ever since I got them! at the Bloggers Ball, London

I’ve seen Monin in Costa and have also bought a couple of their syrups for home. At their stall, we were able to try a couple of the drinks. One thing I learnt was that you could actually mix some of their syrups with water like a cordial and we tried an iced yuzu and lemongrass lemonade, which tasted amazing! They also had chocolate cookie espresso martinis, which unfortunately I didn’t get to try. Although, I received a goody bag with a bottle of the chocolate cookie syrup, so I’m keen to try making it myself at home!

Being a cold sore sufferer myself, I’m keen to try anything to keep those horrible things away, so I was interested in Lipivir. This product claims to prevent the cold sores developing, so I’m definitely going to give this a try. This was one of my favourite brands of the day as they had games in order to get a goody bag. There were a few games but the game we were involved in was drawing a face whilst blindfolded. Our attempts weren’t great, but we got a goodie bag anyway! We also got to choose a free Rimmel lipstick; I chose the shade ‘drop of sherry’, which I was really chuffed with.

The Bloggers Ball, London

The Bloggers Ball, London

The Bloggers Ball, London

Lipivir at the Bloggers Ball, London

I got so many free gifts from the event, which I really didn’t expect and I discovered some really great brands, which I will definitely be looking into.

Bloggers Ball Haul, London

After leaving the Bloggers Ball, we decided to go to China Town. Amy had never been before and I knew she would like the Asian beauty store! We first went to Kowloon bakery, where I always visit whilst in London, so I can get a giant slice of pandan cake. Next, we went to Oriental Delight, a shop that sells loads of sweets, biscuits and chocolates, as well as Asian foods. I picked up some matcha mochi, chocolate banana Pocky and a Hello Kitty plastic cup filled with sweets. All the essentials!

Around the corner was P2Bus, a little shop selling Japanese and Korean beauty products. We both went a bit mad in there and bought loads of items. Not only did I get a Gudetama sheet face mask, but some strange lip patch and Hello Kitty dark circle strips. My favourite buy had to be the Etude House cat headband, so cute! This shop was really good for Japanese makeup, it had loads of stuff that I had seen whilst in Japan, like the Sailor moon eyeliners!

Asian Beauty Haul, London

We had a quick dinner and then made our way towards Victoria station. We were absolutely knackered and weren’t looking forward to the four-hour coach ride home.

Did you go to the Bloggers Ball? What did you think?

Hey Rachieface

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  • Amy

    I had so much fun, I loved reading your post about it. My photos didn’t come out very well and in my shattered state the day after used loads of my beauty purchases in the bath before photographing, so I’m so glad you wrote a post ha. When I read ‘eating canapés’ I thought of halloumi gate and laughed. | Amy x

    • Rachel

      Me too, it was a fun day ? My photos were all so dark, so a lot of editing was involved! Oh no, halloumi gate ? I found a bit of the halloumi and the little orange flower on top whilst going through my bags from the day ? haha! xx

  • Omg this looks so lovely! I’m so excited for 2017 and taking my blog to the next level. Oh, and I’d love that candy right now!!
    Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones! 🙂
    xx finja |

    • Rachel

      It was a really nice event! Me too, I’ve not blogged nearly as much as I’ve wanted to this year, so that’s my goal for next year. Merry Christmas to you too and good luck with your blog 🙂 x